“Consideration would be given to a ban on the sale and/or promotion of sugar sweetened beverages on the premises of schools. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Inter-Ministerial Committee on NCDs on the implementation of such policies.” – Health Minister John Boyce on plans by Barbados government to ban the sale of sugar sweetened beverages on school premises.

“I continually hope that successes like this can teach both political parties that while it is is required for us to be on opposite sides on many different issues, when it comes to the issue of investment we must speak with one voice.” – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet urging political unity on the issue of attracting investment for St. Lucia.

“The research study on SAWP shows favourable benefits and inherent opportunities for supporting agricultural development in Latin American and Caribbean countries” – Audia Barnett, IICA Representative in Canada on a new study has found that participants of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Programme (SAWP) of Canada can earn up to five times more than they could in their own countries.

“The BOG continues to reiterate that there is sufficient foreign currency in the market to meet legitimate demand. The patience and co-operation of stakeholders are needed, therefore, to ensure that there is no undue speculation and further deterioration in the rate.” – The Bank of Guyana  (BOG) accusing exporters of causing a slide in the Guyana dollar by locking off foreign exchange in their accounts while at the same time buying currencies on the open market.

“That privatisation agreement requires Government to repurchase the GRENLEC shares that Government sold to GPP if Government elects to take certain unilateral actions …which cause serious operational impairments or economic injury to GRENLEC or its private sector investors.” – Grenada Private Power Limited (GPP), the majority shareholder of the Grenada Electricity Company (GRENLEC) formally submitting proposals regarding the purchase of the shares in the sole electricity company owned by the Grenada government. 

“What I’ve tried to express to the guys is that what we did in 2005 and 2006 is fantastic it’s history, that’s what it is but I now want these players to create their own history.” – Trinidad and Tobago football head coach Dennis Lawrence ahead of the match against Panama.

“They are quality players and they will know who they are bowling at here [because] they would have played against these Pakistan batters before so there’s lot of experience, lot of quality and you can’t buy that.” – West Indies assistant coach Toby Radford on the role to be played by Sunil Narine and Samuel Badree in the upcoming four-match Twenty20 series against Pakistan.