Louise Simone Bennett-Coverly

of Birth
September 7,1919

of Birth
Kingston, Jamaica

Folklorist, Actress, Comedienne

Predeceased by Eric Coverly


The Caribbean lost one of
its greatest cultural icons and stalwarts as Louise Bennett-Coverly
died in Canada on Wednesday.

Affectionately called Miss
Lou, she was born in Kingston on September 7th, 1919 and is Jamaica’s
foremost folklorist. She has been described as Jamaica ’s leading comedienne
and as an important contributor to her country for her valid social
documents reflecting the way Jamaicans think and live.

Through her poems in Jamaican
patois, she raised the dialect of the Jamaican folk to an art level,
which is now acceptable and appreciated worldwide. Her works included
many published and recorded folk poems including Jamaica Labrish in1966
and Anancy and Miss Lou in 1979.

She appeared in leading humorous
roles in several Jamaican Pantomimes and television shows, the popular
ones being ‘The lou and Ranny show’ and the childhood favourite Ring
Ding, which captured the hearts of Jamaican children for years.

She travelled throughout
the world promoting Jamaica’s culture by lecturing and performing, and
although her popularity was international, she enjoyed a celebrity status
in her native Jamaica.

Simone Bennett-Coverly
(Miss Lou), died – July 26,2006.