The people of Latin America and the Caribbean will now see the film, Behind the Water as it premiered this Earth day weekend on CaribVision TV. Based on a true story the filmmakers captured live footage in a cinematic fashion. The film stars emotional Fraser Kershaw who experiences a multi facet life in real time. He is mauled by rashes, suffers from dehydration, and the ambience of the score with all water related illnesses bring out all the things unseen to screen. The harsh realities of nature abandons desperate families while symbolism of film lives true in this new poetic visual language. The unsightly sounds of human suffering and inspirational hope were constantly at war during this Earth Day weekend.

watersEach year, worldwide, one million people die from dehydration in and around the Caribbean. Kershaw didn’t die of dehydration, but the various characters seen of the subconscious gives Kershaw’s layered transitions a feel of uncertainty. The real story, however, made much of his journey throughout the last 2 years capturing footage. And while lacking access to modern health care in the jungle creates a certain mind altering stress that is seen throughout the film.

To separate mythology from biography, it helps to remember that the film is based in part on some fiction, which itself is based in part of three separate adventures in the mind of Kershaw. It looks as if one person must be many different people in order to help others get clean water. His mind blends into a fund raising politician as well as a wild jungle man. Viewers will experience different perspectives of what it takes from both sides. The score is clever enough to enhance the visions into place which assimilates to the footage from beginning to end. Kershaw intends to bring the film alive in real time to public universities. If you would like to see Behind the Water this year catch it here, on CaribVision TV.