ROSEAU, Dominica – The Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS) was founded in 1971 and is the national radio station of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The state-owned service is headquartered in Roseau.

Kurt Matthew
Kurt Matthew

Prior to the founding of DBS, programming was provided by the Windward Islands Broadcasting Service (WIBS) which was based in Grenada.

The station’s Chief Engineer, Kurt Matthew, is credited with restoring and maintaining a broadcast signal in the days following the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on September 19 and 20.

Veteran broadcaster Julian Rogers tells the story:

“Tales are emerging of the Heroes of Maria. How did DBS Radio manage to be on the air when all else flew away with Maria? Chief Engineer, Kurt Matthew was determined to keep the station on the air. When the power went at the transmitter site, Kurt and a colleague headed to Giraudel to start the generator to keep the station on the air.

“It was DBS that provided many of its listeners with some reassurance that the world was not coming to an end as Maria tore off rooves and exposed them to the elements.”

DBS remains on the air playing a leading role in bringing the country back to its feet.