After several years as a simple member, a Martinican was elected to the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Employers Confederation. Thanks to this function, Hervé Honoré wishes to encourage more frequent exchanges between the entrepreneurs of Martinique and those of the Caribbean.

On October 26, Hervé Honoré participated online in the first monthly CEC meeting held at the Confederation headquarters in Trinidad & Tobago.

Hervé Honoré
Hervé Honoré

We worked on a project that will be presented for European funds to establish the first bases of a minimum labor regulation that meets the expectations of different countries,” Herve Honore said.

The head of the company and representative of Medef was elected as a director for two years, during the 57th General Assembly, held on September 26 in Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago). “We have the will to integrate the companies of Martinique in the Caribbean and for us, it requires a presence in bodies such as the Confederation of Caribbean Employers to allow us to be in contact with our counterparts in the Caribbean. companies of the Caribbean.”

Martinique through Medef has been a member of the Caribbean Employers Confederation for three years. A commitment to the initiative of former President Philippe Jock who wanted a stronger presence in the Caribbean.

According to Hervé Honoré, it will be a question of putting the entrepreneurs of Martinique and those of the Caribbean in relation by participating in various events proposed in the different countries.

“International exchanges begin with the knowledge of individuals, so that we will have mutual knowledge, but also to have feedback on country information and thus through the employer organizations of each of the states to be able to relate to each other. there is a need for business leaders in Martinique, with the authorities of the country concerned if they want to develop there.And finally work together on common issues, all that could facilitate trade in both directions ” he continues.

CEC board meetings are held monthly in one of the member countries. Hervé Honoré plans to make the trip at the next meeting, which should be held in St Lucia at the end of November.